Dr. Carter (keeping_quiet) wrote in club_dread,
Dr. Carter

X Posted like woah

i just got back from seeing the rough cut of Dukes Of Hazzard.
my parents and i got to sit in the 'reserved' area. go us. haha.
anyways, the movie was soooo funny.
everyone was clapping and cheering.
there were references from super troopers in there too.
Sean Willian Scott - Bo Duke
Johnny Knoxville - Luke Duke
Jessica Simpson - Daisy Duke
a couple people from club dread are in this movie
the burger kid from super troopers in in this movie
willie nelson, burt renolds, the BL guys (i couldnt find lemme though...)

i believe jay said the release date was august 5th, but im not sure if thats final.

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