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Do Your Jobs and Live

Tell the Guests and Die

There's a Bloody Killer on the Island!
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We are not affiliated with anyone to do with this movie. We do not know Broken Lizard. We are simply the fans.

For all the fans of Club Dread out there.

"No one ever suspects the Fun Police!"
10 beers a day, advantage putman, bake-aked, bill paxton, bongo the stoned crab, brittany daniel, broken lizard, carlos, cliff, club dread, coconut pete, dave: dj/drugs, drinks by the pool, e-ager for the ex-perience, erik stolhanske, hammocks in heaven, jay chandrasekhar, juan castillo: dive master, kevin heffernan, machete phil, machete sam, margaritas, margies, monkeys, naughty cal, no strings attached, pacman, paul soter, peenalope, pink pantie meltdown, pleasure island, pretzel, puddle cruiser, putman, rolo, sam: fun police, sea-shanties and wet-panties, spanish fly fisherman, steve lemme, super troopers, tennis, watermelon, yu